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Software Development

Software Development

We deliver software to all types of businesses. It will be tailored according to business needs. No platform independency.

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Website Development

Website Development

We develop and design websites for companies, organizations, e-commerce, SMB, and all kinds of industries. It will be modern, sleek and responsive.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

From social media platforms to search engines and video search engines, we market your product in any shape and on every platform by all methods.

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Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Whether it is Android or iPhone, we can build any type of mobile application. Independent app to integrated app or Hybrid app, here you can get all of them.

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Solving Problems; Megabyte by Megabyte!

Do you have any question or problem in technology then You are in a right place. Talk to us, let us solve your problem.

We are one stop shop for all IT/ICT services

We can deliver software, website, application, hybrid application, Digital marketing and company branding with following technologies.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
React Native

That's how we work

We work in order, so nothing could be missed.

01. Planning & Analysis

What we want? In this stage we will come to your organisation or arrange virtual meeting and collect information from each and ever part of company/business. And We will analyse the collected information in order to take practical and logical steps.

02. Design

How will we get what we want? After analysing and compiling information, it is now ready to design its structure for implementation.

03. Implementation

Let’s create what we want. Now we will start giving life to our product. Programmers will code it in modules and forward it to testing.

04. Testing & Integration

Let’s start using what we got It is one of the most important part of this cycle, from here we prepare our product for practical world.

05. Maintenance

Let’s get this closer to what we want After developing a product, we have to maintain it so it will not cause any issues in operations.

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Mobile Responsiveness

Today we have 4.68 billion mobile users in the world. Mobile Responsiveness make it easy for your users and for you too.
Say goodbye to back and forth desktop to manage your Software/Website. Now you can do it in your Mobile.

LWT has done great job so far

We’ve increased our sales from 20–25% since we’ve hire LWT for SM marketing and company Software.

Ahmad Ramzan, Owner of Muzeef Moters

You're killin' it

I dont know how many times i hired them, and i would do it again, because they always nail it to the core.

M. Alam Khan, Managing Director Swatagro

Our Sales Quadruples

It really streamlines our delivery and pickup service. Regular customers have been ordering more often and their orders have been larger.

Foy International INC, Owner

Absolutely love it!

We got a lot of phone calls, a lot of mistyped orders.

Juma Khan, MD freshbakes

How to hire us?

You can leave us an Email and We will set a meeting with you.

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Our company work for developing software, mobile applications, website, Ecom, social media marketing, content writing, and branding on demand for client. Our products are cheaper than the market and we give them the best.

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